Saturday, November 12, 2005

20 random things about myself

How fun it is to be in the art blog community, it's only my second day here and there're already tons of stuff to do and look around. There're so many artists out there in the world, it'll take all my life to view every blog. Well, Tricia asked me to list 20 things about myself today, what a great idea! So are you ready? we go....

1. I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Bangkok, Thailand.
2. Green is my favorite color.
3. I have a dream to become a Marine Biologist, but I'm too lazy to go through all the hard classes.
4. Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year.
5. I don't have a cell phone for over a year now and I don't miss it at all.
6. Geckos really freak me out.
7. I love spending time alone, peace and quiet.
8. I turned down a chance to be a movie star a few times in Thailand.
9. I love rain...(I guess that's why I'm in Portland!)
10. I used to wear 7 silver rings and 2 silver necklaces at the same time in my teen years.
11. I don't like to go to the zoo, it makes me sad to see the animals there.
12. Narwhal is an amazing animal to me, I'd love to see them at least once in my life time.
13. Thai food is my favorite food in the whole world...and Sushi comes second!
14. Giving birth was my most fear than death, though I had a natural birth without any drugs.
15. I just knew what true love was all about when I first saw my son's face.
16. I love to play Sudoku Puzzles.
17. I had an ulcer when I was 8 until 17 years old.
18. My favorite drink is hot chocolate.
19. I have vivid dreams almost every night.
20. I want to illustrate children books.

What do you think? ;)

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Frizz said...

Those are great! I love reading those lists - we share a few too. Can't wait to see more of your art.