Thursday, November 24, 2005

Slide incident

Having a three year old, like having an adorable bear cub in a fine crystal shop, can be quite unnerving. There's also nothing quite like that feeling when you turn away from them for a split second and turn back to see them begin to fall backward off the top of a ten foot tall slide. Everything is in slow motion, you reach for them but deep down you know there's nothing you can do... but scream and hope there's a nice soft bed of freshly raked fall leaves down below. That's exactly what happened today to my son, and yes, there was a cushion of leaves which broke his head-first fall. He's alright, only got a tiny bruise on his knee. We're very lucky this time....


Ninotchka said...

ACK! I hate those slow-mo Mommy moments. Cute illo. Glad he's OK. :)

Gef said...

Thanks for that mate, I am still pretty new to this so your info is great!
Randy Blue